Ryan F. DeLarme

Journalist, Author, Patriot, Poet, Goofball


Just another disillusioned journalist navigating a labyrinth of political corruption, overreaching corporate influence, high finance, compromised media, and the planned destruction of our constitutional republic. My focus is exposing the psychological manipulation perpetrated against the American People by a deeply embedded, international plutocracy, the central banking system, and the puppet politicians they fund.

I’m making it a point to give a damn, because it just might be crazy enough to work!

<3’s all around gang



Mostly excerpts from forthcoming books.

Journalism Archive

I am the managing editor/contributor @ Stillness in the Storm, I am also the owner and founder of a news blog called Underground Newswire.


I’ve penned several hundred poems in the last 15 years, a collection is in the works entitled “New Earth Poems“. Will be posting them here.