Puppet-in-Chief Joe Biden: Goofs, Gaffes, and Oddities From 1st Week in Office

by Ryan DeLarme,
January 26th, 2021

Within 24 hours of his swearing-in ceremony, Joe Biden invaded Syria with a convoy of US troops and choppers carrying 200 more soldiers, rescinded much of his predecessor’s work, signed at least 17 executive orders and a range of new domestic and international policies. If that wasn’t troubling enough, there are a number of strange occurrences causing further concern over the competence and legitimacy of the new administration.

The first bit of funny business that we’ll touch on is the act of signing executive orders that are literally blank sheets of paper. Whenever we saw Trump sign an executive order, he would hold it up for the cameras and you could see that wacky signature at the bottom every time without fail, it even inspired a boatload of memes from the left, right, and all kinds of other directions. Well apparently Biden doesn’t even know what he’s signing:

There could be a good reason for this that people are just not privy to, but it certainly fuels speculation. It certainly didn’t help when he said “I don’t know what I’m signing” on camera as he proceeded to sign an unknown executive order (actually a blank page). In the video posted to BitChute, an unidentified person told him to “sign it anyways.”

On the COVID front, he’s admitted that there is nothing he can do to change the “pandemic’s trajectory”. Many will recall October when Biden attacked Trump for his handling of the virus, and it was actually one of his biggest go-to attacks during the debates. He bragged about “having a plan” to combat the Coronavirus, “We’re eight months into this pandemic, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan to get this virus under control – I do,” Biden said in an October tweet. It sounds like that is no longer the case:

Puppet Man Forgets to Salute the Marines

Joe Biden might have been caught making another goof Wednesday after a video went viral of him robotically stating aloud “Salute the Marines” instead of actually saluting them. The incident stirred up memories of the now-famous ear-piece that some believe may have been feeding him lines during the debates. Though it cannot and likely would never be confirmed, there is no logical explanation short of maybe a more severe mental degradation. Neither option is encouraging, assuming you still believe that presidents actually make their own decisions.

The odd interaction appears to have been prompted by someone communicating with Biden via earpiece, which has become a staple of the 78-year-old Biden’s public appearances due to numerous gaffes and instances of erratic behavior. Biden apparently needed to be reminded to salute the Marines, as he did not end up doing so, but many have surmised that the newly elected President is so used to repeating words and phrases given to him through an earpiece that he took the command “Salute the Marines” as a line to recite.

Someone in Biden’s earpiece told him to salute the marines, and Biden just repeated the words “salute the marines,” because he is so used to just repeating what comes from his earpiece.

The marines were not saluted. pic.twitter.com/9tOVhCX7Pv

— HeyThatElephant (@ElElephantes) January 21, 2021

(It appears the tweet and video have been removed, but we were able to find that the footage still exists on rumble and bit chute)

With Biden’s declining mental faculties becoming a more serious issue by the day (be they real or played up), the strategy of his advisers seems to center around delegating the party agenda to members of the Cabinet and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Speculation continues to grow that Harris may play a much larger role in crafting policy than any other Vice Presidents in the modern era.

On the topic of oddities, gaffes, and unfortunate occurrences; we would be remiss to not mention the embarrassing like-to-dislike ratios on the Whitehouse youtube channels coverage of the inauguration.

They had the spectacle live-streaming on the White House YouTube account and it was posted to the YouTube home page for quite a while until it was finally pulled. The number of views on it was embarrassing, it was unlisted at 399,000 views and the ability to comment removed.

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