The Puppet President: is Pelosi Pulling Biden’s Strings?

(Ryan DeLarme) It is anyone’s guess how many folks there are behind the scenes trying to salvage this trainwreck of a presidency, one thing is for certain though; Joe Biden isn’t making any critical decisions himself.

by Ryan DeLarme, June 8th, 2021

There are swarms of rumors floating around the internet speculating over who is really in charge of the Biden/Harris clown show. Is it Obama? Is it Chyna? Is it the CIA or George Soros or the Council on Foreign Relations?? Perhaps all of the above have a stake in the game? Regardless, it is more obvious than it has ever been that Joe “leg hair” Biden is little more than a frontman.

Other potential candidates include Steve Richetti (former Chief of Staff and Bill Clinton veteran); Anita Dunn (the ex-Obama communications powerhouse who’s married to former Obama counsel Robert Bauer); political uber-meister Mike Donilon (he and his siblings family have served in premier roles within the Clinton-Obama-Biden axis); and sister Valerie Biden Owens (she’s managed every campaign in her brother’s career).

The latest name to toss on the pile is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was caught on a hot mic managing Joe Biden like some kind of handler. Check out the video below:

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