The Durham Situation Heats Up: What We Know so Far

Special Prosecutor John Durham, who has been conducting an air-tight investigation into the origins of the “Russian collusion” hoax for nearly 3 years now, has emerged from the shadows to issue his second indictment since the probe began. John Durham is perhaps one of the most enigmatic and elusive characters in the seemingly endless “Patriots vs Deep-State” waltz. Durham has been described as a “Low-profile professional” and the label seems to be spot on since there hasn’t been so much as a silent fart from the man in all this time. 

Judge Joe Brown Weighs in on the Hypocrisy of the Biden/Harris Administration

(Ryan DeLarme) This last weekend, former lawyer and television personality Judge Joe Brown joined former NBA player Kwame Brown on a YouTube live stream, where he was able to express how he really feels about the current administration.

Are All Audits Created Equal? Risk-limiting Audits Vs. Full Forensic Audits

(Ryan DeLarme) We reported last month on the Maricopa County AZ forensic audit, going so far as to call it the “front lines of an information war”. Regardless of preference or subjective beliefs, it is an observable fact that we are witnessing two sides duking it out for control of the public perception. Since then, we’ve reported that more and more states are going to be following in Arizona’s footsteps, but will these audits be as open, thorough, and transparent as what we’ve seen so far in Maricopa?

“How to End Partisanship” A Letter from General Michael Flynn

(Ryan DeLarme) Michael Flynn, who we often refer to as “the Peoples General”, released a statement today via America’s Future Inc, a fifty-year-old nonprofit, tax-exempt educational organization, urging the American people to look beyond the confines of their respective parties.

13 Signs That Things Aren’t Going as Planned for the Corrupt DC Establishment

(Ryan DeLarme)  In recent days and weeks, there have been multiple surprising instances, cancellations, and reversal of policies that might insinuate the Establishment is losing its grip, despite having their puppet in the oval office.

Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF) Call out Stacy Abrams, Woke Corporations for Pushing “Black Helplessness”

The Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF) hosted a powerful press conference in Atlanta Georgia led by Raynard Jackson. The subject of the press conference was the impact MLB’s decision to remove the All-Star Game from Atlanta was having on black businesses.

Maricopa County Audit: The Frontlines of an Information War

The long-awaited audit has finally begun in Maricopa despite heavy pushback. We’ve reported on Sidney Powell’s briefing via Defending the Republic this last week where she discussed her struggle against Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and an incident involving 3 million Zuckerbucks going missing in Maricopa county while tensions are high.

A Presidency of Dunces: Are Biden’s Blunders Paving the Way to a Harris Administration?

This past week was a rough one for Joe Biden after a disastrous presser and the subsequent criticism, but the democrats and their fellow establishment republicans do not seem too worried about his performance and deteriorating mental faculties. Do they know something we don’t?

The Ignored Truth about “Kids in Cages”, Child Migrant Crisis Escalating Under Biden

The Border has been a hot topic amongst ill-informed folks who live nowhere near said border and have little understanding of the situation there. Certain aspects provided without proper context were used in the last election cycle to lend fuel to the “Trump’s a racist” smear campaign. Many people still believe that he is indeed a racist despite having the highest minority numbers of any GOP candidate in the last 60 years.